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Industry & Student TESTIMONIALS


Jeanie Hall

Corporate Marketing Graphic Designer at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

“ New Design School gave me the opportunity to apply my traditional creative skills to a computer and create business applicable products. This has allowed me to have an awesome career as a creative.”


Andy White

Co-Founder / Designer for Dare Devil Display

“ As we develop products from design to shelf we have a major need for technically savvy creatives. New Design School is a driving force in educating the employees I need.”


Zach Kennedy

Director - Adair Creative

“Building a talented creative team with the proper skill sets in NWA can be tough, so I am excited about the prospect of the New Design School in our community.”


Hannah Lloyd-Jones

Lead print and silhouette designer - JOYN bags

“New Design School was the trigger that helped me get to where I am now. The portfolio that I built while I was there was a fantastic leg up for me to start working with such companies that I am right now. I never thought I would actually like it, but I ended up loving it and I am so lucky to have found NDS. I recommend this school all the time, and it’s quite obvious that Sonia and the teachers she has hired are genuinely interested in teaching a skill that they themselves believe in. What an honor to be a part of.”


Steve McBee

Partner at Moxy Ox, Owner of Creative

“ As we think about hiring talent and the need for creatives in our business, New Design School’s direct curriculum is positioning itself as a leader for creative careers. ”

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