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What are our K12 Partnerships?

From Hollywood To The Classroom

PIXEL™ is dedicated to developing the often overlooked creative talent at all age levels right here in Northwest Arkansas. Too many students are unaware of the career opportunities that can await them. Too many students don’t have access to instruction that will help them achieve their dream career. Our K12 Partnership Program solves these two opportunities.

Led by PIXEL™’s Executive Director and Academy Award winner, David Kersey, we partner with local public and private schools to bring our world class digital arts education right into your classroom.

Collectively, our instructors have over 100 years of experience in design, development, videography, gaming, robotics, and animation. We teach the latest techniques and best practices using the very same tools, applications, and software that are being used by Disney, Pixar, and Sony right now.

Current Partnerships

Arkansas Arts Academy & The New School

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Helping students realize their dream creative career

PIXEL™ is currently developing curriculum for Arkansas Arts Academy & The New School students to prepare them for a career in the digital arts. The curriculum includes hands-on, advanced training on the complete suite of Adobe digital arts tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere). The curriculum also includes the same animation software used by Disney in the production of films like Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, and The Polar Express: MAYA, Autodesk’s 3-D Modeling and Animation software.

“This is a portfolio based industry. It is skills based,” David says as he talks about the importance of a strong portfolio. “Most companies want to see your work and expect you to be able to reproduce the quality that is in your portfolio. Disney may be more likely to hire you if you blow them away with a portfolio you created at home.”

Our Executive Director’s 15 years of movie-making experience with Disney and Sony provide students with a unique opportunity to learn the highest quality animation and digital arts skills so that our creative young minds can develop the highest quality portfolio that will prepare them for college and beyond.



Big Impact

Connecting students and the community

PIXEL™’s team of Arkansas Arts Academy digital artists partnered with BikeNWA to breathe new life into the downtown Rogers skatepark. This partnership is an excellent example of what the outcomes are from our K12 program: PIXEL™ educates students on the latest software techniques. Students push their creative boundaries; work collaboratively; and build confidence by putting their work on permanent, public display.